LMS 5th Grade Room Parent Application


Last Day to apply is Sept. 15th 11:59pm


Being a Room Parent is an important part of our community and provides volunteer services to a teacher’s classroom and MMS PTO. You will get to know their classmates, friends & teacher, as well as have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other parents. Two Room Parents will be selected for each classroom.


Typically, Room Parent responsibilities include:

  • Four class parties; Halloween, Winter, Character & Caring Valentine’s Day, and Year-End.  
  • Collecting funds and purchasing your teacher’s winter and year-end gifts. 
  • Assisting your teacher with special projects in the classroom as requested.
  • It is the Room Parent’s responsibility to communicate with the classroom parents and keep them informed.
  • Each party is allowed four parents. Every child’s family should be given the opportunity to volunteer for a party. If there are many parents requesting to help during the parties, it is up to the Room Parents to pick which parties they will run so that there will be one room parent and three volunteers in order to get as many parent volunteers as possible to join in.
  • Each party needs to have a designated person to take photos. When reaching out to parents for volunteering you need to ask one to help w/this or make sure you do it. The yearbook committee can't guarantee that there will be someone there to take photos. If photos are not sent in my room parents or a designated person by the room parent the classroom may not have photos in the yearbook.

All Room Parents need to be a member of the PTO and be able to attend the mandatory room parent meeting if you are picked. You will be notified on 9/17 by e-mail.



This application will take you to your Membership Toolkit Account (MTK). You will need to update any information that does not have a check mark next to it, before you will be able to see the application form. Thank you so much!

Room Parent Application