Lower & Upper Middle Schools Still Use Parent Volunteers for various events throughout the year. We cannot do this alone and although the PTO Board does a lot for our children we need parent volunteers to help run (chair) these events!


Many parents feel they are no longer needed but that is not true. The PTO raises money to give back to the children and schools. We have been in serious need of parents help for a while and would like to remind all of you that you are needed. 


Running an event is called being a chairperson. A chairperson guides volunteers through the process. Being a chairperson gives you the opportunity to see our kids at the middle school level interact with their friends as they grow older. 


Each of our committees has a manual and a board member is always around to help with any questions or concerns that might come up. You are never alone!

If you want to learn how to run a committee and have fun, please review the brief descriptions of each volunteer area and indicate your preliminary interests. Your contact information will then be forwarded to the PTO board member that is pulling together that activity and they will be in touch with you as it gets closer to the event.

Don’t worry if you just want to volunteer instead of being in charge of a committee. Once we have a Chairperson in place for each committee, they will request volunteers throughout the new school year.



Sign in to your Membership Toolkit Account to access the "Request for PTO Chairpersons 2020-21 (LMS & UMS)" list of committees.


New to montypto.org? If you don't have an account yet, Click Here for a free membership toolkit account. Make sure to add all of your children's current information which will update when the new year starts. 


Thank you for volunteering!