Complete List of Committee Descriptions



Scholastic Book Fair LMS (4 chairpersons) (Sept/Oct): The current chairperson needs 3 more co-chairs to help with set up, break down and sales during Book Fair week and back to school nights. You will coordinate with each other who can work what days/night events and divvy up the responsibilities. Responsibilities include; coordinates between school, volunteer team, and Scholastic Book Fairs. Direct the setup, operation and break down of fair, coordinate teacher preview, classroom wish list, display, and reorder books as needed. Market the book of the year for pre-order. Advertise through social media and email to attract parents to come to the fair. Track pre-paid orders and distribute orders after delivery. Gives treasurer money from sales and run financial report to show earnings and total value of books given in scholastic dollars. There is a manual for this and plenty of training and support!


Box Tops for Education (1 Chairperson) (2x/Year): Organizes Box Top Rebates. Collects box tops twice during school year from LMS and UMS counts, bundle and send in. Pick winners of gift cards from each school. The person who picks this should be willing to go to UMS and LMS to collect twice a year.


Cultural Museum Experience LMS (June): Helps the 6th grade Social Studies team find volunteers to help students during CME. There is an editable file that the school principal sends out to 6th grade parents then a PTO Eblast w/a link asking for volunteers to join. Periodically ask 6th grade team if they have enough volunteers. Files are available to use over again.


Eblast (Corresponding Secretary): Weekly E-news – no committee.


Facebook Page (1 Chairperson) (Ongoing): Post events to Facebook page.


Fun Fridays LMS (2 Chairpersons) (one chair each for 5th & 6th) (Oct & Feb): After school event for 5th & 6th Graders. Responsible for planning fun activities to encourage the children's social and emotional growth, shopping for snack and drinks.


Holiday Gift Fair LMS (2 Chairpersons) (Dec): Coordinates with the gift fair company and the school to select dates for fair. 3-4 days in early December. They coordinate delivery of items and set pricing. Coordinate volunteers for setup, working event and breakdown of event.


Media Center (2 Chairpersons) (one chair each for LMS & UMS) (Ongoing): Helps support the librarian; tasks might include shelving books, helping to sort returned books.


Membership (1 Chairperson) (Ongoing w/bulk in Sept/Oct): Coordinates PTO membership drive at the beginning of the school year. Keep a record of the membership and prepare necessary forms for PTO board. Coordinate distribution of the membership cards.


Movin’ Up Party LMS (PTO Board Member) (May/June): The VP's job is really to reach out to MES and ask them to assign/recruit a Chair. Then the VP acts as a liaison to facilitate meetings with the MES Chair and LMS administration to settle on a date for the event in the Fall and then to make sure everything is on track as the event approaches (usually first Friday in June). The MES Chair handles all the work for the event such as recruiting volunteers and planning and executing activities for the event (check-in/check-out of all students, arts & crafts activity, class poster signing, scavenger hunt, ice-pops, etc). This VP job requires little effort - just sending some emails, setting up meetings, attending a couple of meetings and ensuring that the MES Chair has a designated photographer to take photos and upload them to the LMS Imageshare link that is provided to them. The Chair from MES does all the work relating to the event as the volunteers and students are from Village Elementary.


Multicultural Outreach Committee (MOC) (1 Chairperson) (Ongoing): Is a joint committee among the PTA/PTO/PTSA to promote awareness of the rich cultural diversity in the MTSD and to foster a closer relationship between the schools and the multicultural community. Having one central committee not only permits efficient collaboration among these groups but allows parents who have children in multiple schools to volunteer in a manner that can benefit multiple schools. Chairperson is a liaison between MOC and the school. These chairs work together determining the direction and priorities of the MOC. Responsibilities include; Communicates information to the PTA regarding activities, programs and concerns for the MOC and at the MOC meeting advises the committee of relevant school and PTO needs, activities and programs. For example: the MOC chair can alert the committee that the PTA program that could use the support of MOC, e.g. International Night’s need for multicultural craft or activity suggestions or materials. This committee is not hard, and good for a first timer.


Plant Sale (2-3 Chairpersons) (May): Responsibilities include: overseeing purchase and setup of plants, this is a three-day event, sale dates are the week that ends on Mother’s Day weekend, for marketing; put up signs and flyers to alert parents to the event, recruiting volunteers to help at LMS & UMS, assist customers with their selections, clean up after event and making sure any remaining plants get bought. Collect money and hand over to the treasurer.


Promotion 8th Grade UMS (1 Chairperson) (May/June): Ideally, a 7th grade parent would coordinate and act as host for the 8th Grade Parents. Coordinates details of 8th Grade Promotion with Marilyn Sciotto, Administrative Asst. to Cory Delgado. Responsibilities would include recruiting volunteers for Promotion Evening (approximately 8-10) purchase and setup snacks (cookies/brownies) and water for students/parents after the promotion ceremonies in the Commons. Order balloon arch for doorway and balloon stands for the tables in the Commons, set-up photo op boards (4-5) sent over by UMS and coordinate volunteers to help distribute promotion certificates and t-shirts.


PTO Website Coordinator (1 Committee Member) (Ongoing): Manage and update website.


Pumpkin Day UMS 7th grade (1 Board Member) (Oct): Buying supplies and deliver to school.


Read to Succeed LMS (1 Chairperson) (Starts Nov - Ends Feb): Chair takes care of following; sending Eblast containing the Read to Succeed campaign dates and reading log, collecting the reading logs after the due date, interacting with Six Flags and getting the Six Flags tickets, and distributing the Six Flags tickets to students. Chair can take care of this job at home on their own time and only needs to come to school to pick up reading logs and drop off tickets.


Room Parent Coordinator LMS (1 Chairperson) (Ongoing): Collects all info from volunteer parents and ensures each classroom has at least 1-2 (no more than 2) room parents to assist classroom teachers as needed and serve as a liaison between teachers, classroom parents and the PTO. Sends reminders to room parents about dates and time for parties, having a designated photographer during parties and information on how to download photos to our LMS Yearbook Imageshare once the photos are taken.


School Store LMS (2 Chairpersons) (Ongoing): Recruits, organizes and teaches volunteers how to run the store. Advertises weekly to parents and students to encourage sales. Orders supplies with already established vendors. Gives treasurer deposits and vendor bills to be paid. A procedure book is in place and works well, files are also available to print copies.


Science and Invention Convention (2-3 Chairpersons) (Feb): Joint event with PTA, it's a platform for 3rd-8th grade students to showcase their science related invention. Responsible for getting outside demonstrators, recruiting evaluators, volunteers.


SEPTA (1 Board Member) (Ongoing): Attending Special Education PTA meeting and communicate with MMS PTO.


Service Team 8th Grade UMS (1 Chairperson) (Ongoing): Ordering and bringing items needed for the 8th grade team’s current service project.


Social UMS (1-2 Chairpersons) (Sept/Oct): The PTO hosts the first UMS Social of the year. Secures the established DJ for this event, purchases pizza, snacks, beverages. Recruits volunteers to man the door and collect $5 entry fee and have kids sign in. Preferably with 4 sign-in sheets to go faster. First Social is the biggest one.


Spirit Wear (2 Chairpersons) (Ongoing): Designs and purchases spirit wear from approved vendor. Recruits and coordinates volunteers. There are several opportunities to sell throughout the year.


Staff Appreciation Awards LMS & UMS (1 Board Member) (April/May): Gather data via membership Toolkit. Board helps with presentations.


Staff Appreciation LMS & UMS (1 Chairperson or Board Member) (May): We changed to 4 days, one per week during month of May. Sets dates, schedule catering and donations. Sends out invites to staff, coordinates volunteers.


Staff/Teacher Grants (1 Board Member) (Ongoing): Board member organizes all grants that are sent to the PTO. Presents the grants during board meetings. Follows up with staff member on the outcome.


Vendor Event / Community Fair (1-3 Chairpersons) (Ongoing): New committee, we are working on responsibility details.


Yearbook LMS (4-8 Chairpersons) (Ongoing): There are several opportunities including; Layout, edits, coordinating volunteers to come in and take photos, taking photos yourself, sales, working with the school to ensure teacher and child names are accurate and make sure all new staff/students get their photos taken, putting labels on the yearbooks once they are in. A meeting will take place to divvy up the responsibilities. There is a manual and support.


Yearbook Portrait Day LMS (PTO Board Member or 1 Chairperson) (Oct & retake day Jan/Feb): The VP recruits a Chair and coordinates sign-up of volunteers for the portrait day and make-up day to ensure all students and staff are photographed. Also coordinates with LMS main office staff regarding setup on portrait days and communication with student’s parents and staff about portrait day. Communicate with office that all new staff/students that come in after portrait day and make up, should go to Milan Rose for their courtesy portrait done by Milan Rose. Makes sure office has a copy of up to date form from Milan Rose. Coordinates with yearbook chair to make sure all photos are taken for the yearbook. This year, VP acted as Chair as the job is relatively simple and only requires a few volunteers.