***LMS Yearbook Pre-order Sales***


Please read to end 

  • All pre-orders are online only to help track orders and reduce over ordering books that are not sold. 
  • Once online sales end April 30th, it will not reopen. We will order books according to our sales. We will not have in school sales. 
  • Pre-ordering is your only guarantee that your child will receive a book.

Order Yearbook Here


Why is Registration to Membership Toolkit required to order a Yearbook?

  • Membership toolkit keeps all your registered events and purchases in one convenient place. When registering, you must add each child and their information individually, so you will see events that are specific to them. It only takes a few minutes to add each child.
  • The online PTO Toolkit allows you to create an account and tracks every order. You just sign in to your account, click "my account", click "previous orders/registrations" and look up anything you did. No more trying to find the right person to ask or wondering if you completed an order.
  • Creating a membership toolkit account does not obligate you to become a PTO Member but there are some discounts that come with a PTO Membership, so you might want to consider it. Once you sign up for the toolkit you can click on "about us", click on "membership".


Yearbook Pricing


Online Pre-Orders: Many people forget to finish the ordering process, make sure you complete the entire process.

  • April 30th $30 (Online ordering ends April 30th at 11:59pm)


In School Sales: We will no longer have in school sales

  • Since there are very few sales at the end of the year we are no longer going to have in school sales. 
  • We are ordering fewer books this year. If for some reason we have a few extra, the main office will have them.
  • Yearbooks will cost $30 Cash or check made out to MMS PTO. 
  • All yearbooks purchased at this time will be given to homeroom teachers for distribution day.



  • ALL pre-orders & in school purchases will be distributed by homeroom teachers a few days before school ends.
  • If you purchased a yearbook & your child did not receive one we ask that you check your membership account for your receipt. If you do not find your order in your membership account, you did not order a yearbook or didn't finish the order process. Please purchase a yearbook during in school sales.
  • If you have a receipt please contact Janice Huang at yippers516@gmail.com 
  • This is a very busy time of year, If you email us asking for us to look at your online account, we will ask that you go into your account. 

As per school administration, yearbooks are not to be given out before the distribution day. If you will not be here please make arrangements with a friend to mail you the yearbook once they have been given out. All yearbooks left behind will remain in the main office over the summer.