LMS Yearbook Sales


In School Yearbook Sales
Dates: June 11th & 12th

Times: 11:00am – 1:15pm

Where: LMS lobby near the main office


  • Yearbooks will be sold on a first come first serve basis. We have a limited number of yearbooks this year so please come sooner rather than later. We can’t hold yearbooks for anyone, please don’t contact us asking if we can.
  • Any remaining books after our bulk in school sales, will be left in the main office to purchase during normal school hours.


  • ALL pre-orders & in school purchases will be distributed by homeroom teachers a few days before school ends.
  • If you purchased a yearbook & your child did not receive one, we ask that you check your membership account (montypto.org) for your receipt. If you don’t find your order in your membership account, you did not order a yearbook or didn't finish the order process. Please purchase a yearbook during in school sales.
  • If you have a receipt, please contact Jocelyn Peña at jocelynpena@gmail.com 
  • This is a very busy time of year, if you email us asking for us to look at your online account, we will ask that you go into your account.  Please check your account before contacting us.

As per school administration, yearbooks are not to be given out before the distribution day. If you will not be here, plan with a friend to get your child’s yearbook once they have been given out. All yearbooks left behind will remain in the LMS main office over the summer to be picked up by parent/student.



Volunteers to help label yearbooks: Week of June 3-7 (3pm after school). Actual Date (TBD) once we hear from Milan Rose that they are ready. We will need help with labeling, sorting books by homeroom, and delivering them to each homeroom class.  


If you wish to help with labels, please contact Jocelyn Peña at jocelynpena@gmail.com




Volunteers to help w/sales: June 11th & June 12th Help set up at 10:45am. Sales start at 11am – 1:15pm. Help put extra books in the closet. Keep a box in the office for sales when we are not there.



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