Faculty Grant Program

Dear Faculty,

Once again the MMS PTO is delighted to offer you the opportunity to submit applications for the PTO mini-grant program. We will be awarding a number of grants for the purpose of supporting creative and innovative teaching ideas.


We have changed to a rolling application process.  Requests may be submitted no later than APRIL 30th, so it can be voted on at the May board meeting. Meeting dates/times are posted on the PTO Website. 


  • You MUST be a current MMS PTO member to apply for a grant. (Membership is $5; payable to MMS PTO)
  • The number of grants and dollar amounts awarded each year depends on available PTO funds.
  • There is no limit placed on the amount of funds you may request.
  • These funds may be used for classroom items, clubs, as well as for training materials (Grant funds may not be used for special training, salaries, registrations, food or travel).
  • Grants for subscriptions will only be valid for one year and will not be renewed.
  • Grants cannot be repeated year to year.  
  • Funds are limited to the specific request and cannot be used outside of the grant request.
  • The funds granted must be expended in the school year in which the award is given.
  • All items that are funded through this program become the property of UMS and/or LMS.
  • You may submit more than one request. (We welcome multiple applications as well as group or team submissions)
  • If you are a Special Education Teacher or part of a 2 Teacher Team and your grant will help children who receive Special Services, please visit the Montgomery Special Education PTA (MSEPTA page) and reach out to their Grant Coordinator first before completing this form.
  • Applicant is responsible for purchase of item(s). Information on check requests and expense reimbursement, along with a tax-exempt form, will be provided at approval.

All submitted applications will be forwarded to the building principal for pre-approval.
Once approved by the principal, the grant will be reviewed by the PTO Board.
Grants are voted upon at the monthly PTO meetings.
The PTO will notify you of our final decision after voting has completed.

We look forward to reviewing many wonderful and creative proposals. If you have any questions  about your application or the process, please feel free to contact Muneera at






Teacher & Staff Grant Application